Tree stump removal Adelaide isn’t as easy as it looks, and there’s a number of different problems associated with dead stumps. So, what are you meant to do? Well, you need to call on Sturt Stump Cutters for professional help! Our team carry out an effective, prompt, and stress-free service to completely remove the burden in your backyard. You won’t have to worry about tripping over or swiftly avoiding your stump with the mower any longer. We use the most innovative and durable tools to make sure the job’s completed at the highest of industry standards. This also means taking care of the mess afterwards—because that’s another burden you shouldn’t have to deal with! Whether your stump is big, small or tricky to access, our team always make it work. Give us a call on 0418 823 733 for your free quote on Tree stump removal Adelaide!

tree stump removal adelaide

Why You Need Tree Stump Removal Adelaide

There are a few reasons why you should consider Tree stump removal Adelaide. Unsurprisingly, stumps add no aesthetic value to your yard. They’re prominent, bulky, and can be a lot of work when it comes to preventing regrowth. In addition to the lack of visual appeal, they’re also a pain to manoeuvre around when doing simple tasks like gardening and mowing the lawn. Even though they don’t occupy a huge amount of space, they minimise the prospects of improving your landscape. Dead stumps are also likely to rot, which means your backyard will become a hub for pests. There’s nothing termites love more than dead wood, which can definitely become a problem if your house has a wooden infrastructure. Rot can also accumulate disease, which has potential to impact other plants surrounding your property. Don’t wait until it’s too late, our team will carry out your Tree stump removal Adelaide!

Our Core Services

Sturt Stump Cutters specialise in more than just Tree stump removal Adelaide—we take care of the lot. This includes pruning, tree maintenance and surgery, stump mulching, storm damage services, fire hazard reduction and written tree reports. While these are our core services, we’re highly flexible when it comes to working with trees. If you browse through the portfolio on our website, you’ll see that we’ve even worked on the Adelaide renowned “Cherry Gardens” hedging! Owner of Sturt Stump Cutters, Russell Ellis, is truly the DNA of the company. He has hand-selected a bunch of like-minded arborists who are always willing to conquer a new challenge. As a result, determination is the backbone of our business, which means our service list is pretty much endless. If you require professional Tree stump removal Adelaide, Sturt Stump Cutters won’t let you down. Our industry experience sets us a mile ahead of the rest!

0418 823 733 is the only number you’ll need on your fridge when it comes to servicing trees across Adelaide. We’re prompt, reliable, professional, and dedicated to achieving the best outcomes attainable. Don’t spend time, money and effort trying to conquer problems on your own, leave it to the professionals of tree stump removal Adelaide!