Do you need professional tree and stump removal? When trees aren’t properly maintained they can cause significant damage and put lives at risk. The condition of your tree could be declining due to storm damage, illness & pest infestation, or you may want to renovate your garden and need more space. If you are seeking tree and stump removal, it is crucial that you call professionals to do the job. Taking matters into your own hands can be extremely dangerous to yourself and those around you. Arborists possess modern equipment and tools to do the job properly. We do this in a manner that will ensure the safety of residents and to other surrounding trees. In addition, by opting for tree and stump removal specialists you will be saving you more money in the long run such as building damage fees or sewer repair.

tree and stump removal

Why Sturt Stump Cutters?

Sturt Stump Cutters are Adelaide’s number one tree and stump removal specialists. Our highly adaptable team has adopted new methods to make our service more effective and compliant with the Australian standards. We make it our priority to listen to your needs. We then work together to come up with the most effective and rapid solution for you. No matter the size of the job, we take a unique approach to every job with integrity and care. We believe that maintaining strong and consistent communication is vital during the process. This is why we will provide regular progress reports and make sure you are always in the loop. In addition, we will also ensure that our work does not interfere with your daily movements. Don’t hold off your tree or stump removal any longer. Let us keep you and your family safe. Call us today!

We Are SA’s Best

Sturt Stump Cutters are based in Brighton SA but serve the Eastern, Western and Southern Adelaide metropolitan areas. We go as far south as Victor Harbour and the Fleurieu Peninsula. Having operated over 35 years by Russell Ellis, no tree and stump removal is too small. We will come out to you and offer you free advice on your tree problems. We are also happy to give you a free quote. We use only the safest techniques and methods to carry out tree work to South Australian standards. We are always ready to help you with any kind of tree and stump removal or problem. There is no job too small or big for us. Our team is dedicated to ensure the job is carried out correctly. Sturt Stump Cutters operates 24/7. Get in touch today for your free quote!

Professional tree and stump removal is crucial. Don’t take matters into your own hands. We will provide a stress-free, effective and rapid solution for you and your family. With over 35 years of experience and highly skilled staff, we will ensure the job is carried out correctly. Get your free quote today! Call 0418 823 733.