Tree lopping Adelaide is essentially removing the entire crown (top section) of the tree. To avoid compromising safety, arborists are required to follow the Australian Standards AS4373 (2007) Pruning of Amenity Trees. These regulations were designed to provide guidance and optimise quality control across Australia. The report details the uniform pruning procedures, considerations before pruning, and correct foliage distribution. One of the main points we have to consider before going ahead with each job is premature tree death. As opposed to generating regrowth, tree lopping can actually have the adverse effect on some trees. Our professionals will assess the job and provide a solution to suit your preferences. As well as tree lopping, Sturt Stump Cutters provide the full-scope of tree services across Adelaide. Our extensive experience enables us to provide accurate quotes and efficient service. Call us to arrange your Tree lopping Adelaide today!

tree lopping Adelaide

Arboriculture in a Nutshell

While Tree lopping Adelaide is one of our specialist services, Arboriculture also encompasses a deeper knowledge of trees. In summary, Arboriculture is the farming, management, and study of all perennial woody plants such as trees, vines and shrubs. It’s essentially the science behind plant cultivation; teaching us how to carry out environmental practice without stimulating stress. At Sturt Stump Cutters, our knowledge is put into effect every day. Arboriculture dictates which techniques and methods we adopt in the process of planting, fertilization, pest control, shaping, pruning, and tree removal. We do our best to minimize the impact we have on our environment, whilst meeting customer demands. So, while our job appears to be mostly practical and monotonous, there’s a degree of analysis and critical thinking that comes into play. Stick our number on your fridge and give us a call for your Tree lopping Adelaide!

We Are the Best in SA

As well as Tree lopping Adelaide, we carry out the full-scope of tree remedial and removal services.

Pruning: Tree pruning is the process of removing deadwood, shaping, or redirecting tree growth to improve its health.
Tree removal is the complete removal of your tree. This is a common request for dead trees, or ones that pose a risk in rough weather.
Tree maintenance and surgery: Relative to pruning, tree surgery is treating and restoring the condition of old or damaged trees.
Stump Mulching: We use mulching technology to grind through the wood and prevent re-growth.
Storm damage:
If your tree has broken branches and damage caused by rough weather, we’ll undertake procedures to remedy the problem.
Fire Hazard Reduction:
We can remove any dead or dense trees and shrubs to reduce the risk of fire hazard. For your Tree lopping Adelaide and more, you know who to call!

If you’re in need of a reliable team of specialists to take care of your tree lopping Adelaide, call 0418 823 733 for a free quote. We’re dedicated to providing our local community with the safest, and most advanced tree services state-wide. Our methods are environmentally friendly, and our service process accounts for all consumer needs.