Sturt Stump Cutters never leave a job half done, we work right down to the root. This means completing full stump removal Adelaide to make sure there’s absolutely nothing left behind. A stump in your yard can be a huge burden, especially if you live in a house with a wooden infrastructure. Why? Because rotting wood is a hot spot for termites. To avoid this problem, our team come in and completely eradicate the stump using advanced stump grinding technology. We use only the safest methods and techniques in correspondence with the highest of Australian arborist standards. We even leave your site tidy and dispose of any debris to make sure you don’t have to lift a finger. If you have a prominent stump that needs removing in your yard, call Sturt Stump Cutters on 0418 823 733 for a free quote! We’re the local specialists in stump removal Adelaide.

stump removal adelaide

Why you should get your stump removed!

Calling on professional stump removal Adelaide is beneficial for a number of reasons. We already mentioned the reduced risk of termite infestation, but it can also solve a number of other problems. Old stumps can:

  • Increase the risk of injury
  • Bring other insects and pests to your yard
  • Spread decay and grow fungi
  • Decrease the aesthetic value of your yard
  • Get in the way of landscape developments and mowing.

As qualified arborists, our knowledge extends beyond cutting and pruning. We determine the best course of action through undertaking a full tree analysis. We compile this information and deliver it to our clients in the form of written tree reports. The reports will detail information such as tree species, height, age, health, retention value and if there’s any major defects. Call us for advice on your stump removal Adelaide and enquire about our services today!

Why you should choose Sturt Stump Cutters for your stump removal Adelaide

The first major point of difference with our stump removal Adelaide is our experience. The company has been owned and operated by professional arborist, Russell Ellis, for over 35 years! Russel is a hands-on business owner, and always takes the time to oversee the quality of work his staff produce. He’s hand-selected a team of capable and like-minded arborists who are equally as passionate about the trade as he is. While we stay up to date with the latest tools and technology to improve efficiency, we’ve maintained a traditional approach to communication. This means taking the time to discuss your preferences, so we can determine the most affordable and practical solution. Sturt Stump Cutters cover the full scope of tree removal and stump cutting services to make your life simple. To arrange your stump removal Adelaide with the team, call us today! We’re prompt, reliable, and always ready to help.

For all your tree and stump needs, simply give us a call on 0418 823 733 to receive your free quote. We’re also happy to come out to the site of tree and provide free advice! We’ll go above and beyond to make sure your stump removal Adelaide is 100% seamless.